Splendid Sidmouth cedar is Tree of the Week

Tree Council urges Sidmouth residents to celebrate National Tree Week

AS winter approaches, Tree of the Week will take a break until spring, but this week Colin Walls chooses his favourite tree.

Colin frequently walks to Sidmouth town centre, whether to do his shopping, play croquet or help at Lifeboat Station, and his route takes him alongside the River Sid.

He writes: “My favourite tree is the cedar by the ford. You probably pass it often, but did you know:

• The oldest epic in human history tells of how King Gilgamesh leaves his city in the valley of the Euphrates and travels to The Land of the Cedars to obtain the vital building material unavailable at home.

• The ancient Egyptians used cedar resin in mummification.

• King Solomon’s temple had pillars of cedar wood.

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“It is just a wonderful tree, with spreading branches that let the light through, whereas other large trees can be oppressive.”

The Tree Council urges people to celebrate National Tree Week from Saturday, November 27 to Sunday, December 5.

Launched in 1975, National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, which signals the start of the winter tree planting season.

Sidmouth’s civic arboretum project would like to plant a few trees and shrubs in public places around the town.

This would make the streets look more attractive – with spring blossom and autumn berries, and also help increase the variety of wildlife in town.

Diana East, who has compiled a database of important trees in the town, would like to know where people would like to see trees planted.

Suggestions could include near Sidmouth Library, on road verges or in a car park.

She said: “We will work with the councils to try to make this happen.”

You can email her at trees@dianaeast.me.uk, ring (05603) 278 602 or complete a form at Paragon Books, 38 High Street, Sidmouth.

So until spring – Happy planting!