Staff step in to defend breastfeeding mum who was branded ‘vile and disgusting’

Illustration only. Mother feeding her baby. Picture: Archant.

Illustration only. Mother feeding her baby. Picture: Archant. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Woman discreetly breastfeeding in a Sidmouth cafe was told she was ‘vile and disgusting’ by a female customer

A mother who was breastfeeding her three-month-old baby in a Sidmouth cafe was left shaking with disbelief when she was branded ‘vile and disgusting’ by a customer.

A Sidmouth mum said she was discreetly feeding her son in Coffee#1 last Friday (October 26) when she became aware of another woman staring at her.

She added: “I thought maybe it was because we had a few of us with pushchairs and she was thinking we were in the way.

“She got up and moved seats, but as she walked past me she was muttering so I asked her if there was a problem.

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“She then said ‘yes, you. That’s vile, disgusting’.

“She said I was ‘disgusting’ a few times while she continued to her sit in the corner in the window.

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“I told her she should be ashamed of her behaviour, not me.

“I really wanted to say a lot more but didn’t want to cause a scene or raise my voice whilst feeding my baby. I went from shaking with disbelief, to then being upset, to then a bit angry that I was made to feel that way.

“I had a full T-shirt on so no breast was to be seen, although I shouldn’t have to justify feeding my child. She told my friend we should go home or go and sit in the toilets and do it.

“Would she eat her lunch and drink her coffee in the loo?”

Speaking to Herald, the café’s manager Josh Gigg said he heard the woman speaking ‘rudely and aggressively’ and saying the mum should be breastfeeding at home, not in public.

He added: “I went and spoke to the lady and told her we are a breastfeeding-friendly café and that if she had a problem she should take it up with head office. We allow it, we’re all happy with it being allowed.”

The mum said she was pleased with the way Mr Giggs dealt with the incident in the Fore Street café, but felt that the issue should be brought to people’s attention.

She added: “I’ve always been confident at feeding as some people aren’t, and if that was to happen to them it could destroy someone’s confidence completely and possibly affect their feeding.

“I think all mums should be proud whether they are bottle feeding or breastfeeding and should be treated equally. Being a mum is hard enough without being judged about which way you are feeding your baby.”

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