Star-studded screening

Mike Edgecumbe

Mike Edgecumbe - Credit: Archant

Cinema-buffs will soon be able to experience stepping out into space while hurtling around the Earth at 16,000mph – all from the comfort of a Sidmouth church hall.

In a one-time-only screening during the town’s Science Week in October, people will be able to watch the film Hubble.

The showing, in the Methodist Church Hall. has been made possible by retired cinematographer Mike Edgecumbe, who successfully negotiated with the film’s producers, IMAX, to allow the movie to be shown free of charge.

Mike’s Omniscope projection system allows the film, which was originally shot to be shown on a 72 foot by 53 foot IMAX screen, to be displayed on his smaller flat-screen in 3D.

He said: “We think this is the first and probably the only time they will allow one of their productions to be screened anywhere outside of a purpose-built and equipped IMAX theatre.

“In Hubble, the IMAX cameras let the audience experience the elaborate preparations, and then take you into space with the astronauts to repair the Hubble telescope.

“There are breath-taking views of outer space.”

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Also during Science Week, Atlantic Productions are allowing Mike to give two showings of their award-winning production, Flying Monsters, which has been screened in IMAX theatres.

Admission to all the screenings will be free of charge but audience sizes will be restricted. Mike would appreciate help from volunteers and says no strenuous work is involved.

The full line-up of films to be screened at the Methodist Church Hall in Science Week is:

? Saturday, October 10, 2.15pm and 7.15pm, This is Cinerama;

? Monday, October 12, 6.30pm, Flying Monsters;

? Thursday, October 15, 7.30pm Hubble;

? Friday, October 16, 7.30pm, Flying Monsters.