Street ‘car ban’ bid by Ottery residents

RESIDENTS want cars banned from an Ottery street they have labelled “an accident waiting to happen”.

Batts Lane householders would like to see the stretch, which links Brook Street to Yonder Street, pedestrianised.

The proposal got tentative support from town civic leaders this week.

Leading the calls is landlord of the Lamb and Flag pub Ron Miles. He told the Herald: “People have come out of their houses and almost been knocked flying by cars.

“All the residents here are in favour of it because there’s hardly any pavement. There are a lot of young families with push chairs.

“One of our customers walked out into the road and was just missed by a car doing 45 miles per hour. When she asked what they were doing she just got abuse back. Pedestrianisation is an excellent idea.”

He added blind corners in the area are “an accident waiting to happen.”

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The proposal got early support at a meeting of Ottery town council on Monday night. The matter could be put on an agenda and formally discussed at a future council meeting.