Student reveals Sidmouth transport probe

SIDMOUTH residents have been offered a ‘unique’ opportunity to have their say over transport, sustainable access to and mobility within the town-centre- by a university masters student.

Matt Porter, 25, (pictured) is carrying out a major piece of research that focuses directly on issues within the town.

He hopes his findings could be used to help further understand and express the perspective of residents towards sustainable transport.

His work is being conducted in partnership with townsfolk and the Vision Group for Sidmouth (VGS).

Matt said: “This is a unique opportunity as the focus of this research is rarely addressed by government and local authority bodies through large scale public engagement, and so provides an excellent chance for Sidmouth residents to put their opinions and points of view across.”

The research will form a part of Matt’s dissertation for an MSc in Sustainable Development. .

He added: “It focuses on existing transport, access and mobility paradigms within Sidmouth town centre, and is interested in examining public perception toward potential future developments,” he told the Herald.

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“The findings from this research will be presented to the local population, and will hopefully form a platform for the VGS and others when engaging in discussions around sustainable futures and improving access and mobility for Sidmouth residents.”

Matt said the first stage of his research involved him engaging with a variety of resident organisations and commercial groups to help to establish a greater understanding of particular local concerns and hopes.

He has now reached the second stage of the project- a large scale public consultation.

Matt has invited as many people as possible, over the age of 16, to fill out a short, but detailed, questionnaire.

He said all information will be treated in strict confidence, and all surveys are anonymous. His overall findings will be published in late September. To request a questionnaire, e-mail