Successful return for Sidmouth Repair Cafe

David from Repair Cafe team outside Sidmouth Youth Centre

David, one of the Repair Cafe team, outside the Manstone Lane youth centre where it takes place - Credit: Sidmouth Repair Cafe

'Sidmouth is lucky to have you’ was just one of the positive comments received by the Repair Café team at last month’s reopening after a year and a half’s gap. 

The Sidmouth Repair Café welcomed local residents back on Saturday, October 30, and its next session is Saturday, November 27. 

Hilary Levi, one of the team, said: “Great to be back! Good to see so many familiar faces and some lovely new ones to add to our talented fixers list. There were some lovely feedback comments too!” 

The comments included: “Wonderful to get this radio working. Superb experience far beyond any expectations and a lovely group of kind and skilled menders.” 

Another visitor said: “Warm welcome outside and at reception area. Excellent idea having a Repair Cafe. I would certainly come again.” 

Angie Carney, head of the Repair Café team, said there had been several successes during the session: “One little boy arrived in floods of tears today, clutching the little red engine from his train set. Fixer Clive soon got it sorted and Alfie went away all smiles.” 

Jenny Ashmore, another member of the team, said: “My favourite was the man who shrunk his mother’s woollen skirt in the washing machine. Penny worked marvels with it making it wearable again and whilst working on it the ‘Dry Clean Only’ label appeared, ahem!” 

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Angie said she is also very pleased with the repair team: “It was brilliant to have some new fixers with us, and Dave [Rafferty, chief repairer] has had conversations with others coming on to the team for next time.” 

Solar powered garden gnome at Sidmouth Repair Cafe

A solar powered garden gnome, one of the items mended by Sidmouth Repair Cafe - Credit: Sidmouth Repair Cafe

Dan Powell, the organiser of Axminster Repair Café, said: “Popped on to visit the Sidmouth repair gang. Such a brilliant community asset. Sidmouth is lucky to have you!” 

At Saturday’s Repair Café – 10am to 1pm at the Youth Centre in Manstone – people can bring in more than one item for repair, but only one electrical item. 

Visitors will be encouraged to follow the ‘hands, face, space’ Covid guidelines where possible. 

Angie said: “Last time, our Covid precautions seemed to work well and didn’t impinge too much on the positive atmosphere.” 

“We're really looking forward to opening up again.” 

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