Supermarket is ‘sorry’ for wrong signs in Ottery

Sainsbury's apologised after new signs were erected wrongly stating its car park is for customer use

Sainsbury's apologised after new signs were erected wrongly stating its car park is for customer use only - Credit: Archant

Sainsbury’s confirmed car park is open to everyone and blamed error in wording for misleading notices

Sainsbury’s has apologised after it was shopped for altering signs in its public car park - to say the facility was for the use of customers only.

The matter sparked outrage from some, who felt the apparent change in rules flew in the face of a commitment made by the firm to allow all Ottery shoppers a free place to stop-off for two hours.

The supermarket giant blamed an error in the wording of its new signs and said sorry after it was contacted by the Herald this week.

Deputy mayor Ian Holmes raised the alert about the company’s apparent change in policy last Friday, prompting town and district councillor Peter Faithfull to challenge the supermarket on the matter.

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Councillor Faithfull said a change in wording has been promised.

Cllr Roger Giles told the Herald: “I’m absolutely clear that the manager of Sainsbury’s, when it opened, was quite explicit that the car park was there for everybody to use.

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“I think it’s appalling that the signs are now going against that agreement. I understand that people using the car park are also now being asked to show Sainsbury’s receipts.

“I think it is shocking if Sainsbury’s goes back on this agreement. People are already being intimidated by the signs. Sainsbury’s needs to make it clear that the car park is for everybody to use.”

Cllr Faithfull said: “I spoke to the duty manager. He did acknowledge the problem of the signs and that the car park is for public use - not just for customers.

“Although he did initially suggest that the public already knew the conditions of the car park, I pointed out that the signs were causing some confusion, with people believing that they are not allowed to use the car park if they are not customers of Sainsbury’s.

“Sainsbury’s has made clear to me that they will correct the wording on the signs, and I have every confidence that they will - although no date has been given for this.”

A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “When the sign was changed to a more modern version, unfortunately the wrong wording was used

“This car park is for everyone to use.

“We apologise for the inconvenience and are arranging for the sign to be changed as soon as possible.”

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