Syringe in Sidmouth phone box shocks woman

The syringe found in the phone box.

The syringe found in the phone box. - Credit: Archant

A dog walker was shocked to find a syringe in a Sidmouth phone box (pictured).

The woman, who asked not to be named, made the discovery on the corner of Stowford Rise and Hawthorn Drive on Wednesday.

She said she had never found anything like this before, and took the syringe to the Beacon Medical Centre to be disposed of properly.

“Even though the needle was snapped off, probably lying on the floor waiting to be stepped on, it does not make this safe or acceptable behaviour,” said the woman.

“This is a very selfish thing to have done and could have caused injury and illness to someone - and still could if the broken needle is stepped on with bare feet, or by a dog.

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“I am pretty sure there are ways available to dispose of sharps safely, such as sharps bins from East Devon District Council (EDDC), which are delivered and collected for free for people with medical issues. I am sure drug addiction is classed as a medical issue.”

An EDDC spokeswoman said a member of its StreetScene team had already been out to the site to check and ensure the syringe had been removed and the area was safe.

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She added: “Unfortunately, in East Devon this kind of hazardous litter does get discarded from time to time. If the general public can help us by reporting anything like this it would be much appreciated.”

The spokeswoman said that, if a member of the public found any needles or syringes, then the council recommends they contact it immediately on 01395 516551.

“Our StreetScene officers have the correct removal and disposal equipment and they will attend the scene as a matter of priority to remove any needles that have been found,” she added.

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