Take a virtual tour of Provence.... in Sidmouth

Kennaway House. Ref shs 16-16AW 2975. Picture: Alex Walton

Kennaway House. Ref shs 16-16AW 2975. Picture: Alex Walton - Credit: Archant

Visitors to Kennaway House can embark on a virtual tour of Provence next week with the first in a series of alternative travel talks.

In her lecture ‘Aqueducts and the Roman way of life’ taking place from 2.30pm on Tuesday, January 24, Dr Ffiona Eaves explores a water channel from source in the mountains to delivery point in the town.

She will be addressing the question of why the Romans spent vast amounts of money and labour bringing water to towns that had managed well with local sources for hundred of years and will also ask why don’t we see much evidence for aqueducts in Roman Britain?

Dr Eaves is organising the new lecture series with Sarah Obermuller-Bennett.

She said: “January to March may not be spring in terms of weather, but they’re ideal months for exploring art and history by virtual travel.

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“Traditionally, it’s when people turn their minds to holidays and, in the new year, I think we take a fresh interest in the world.

“My talks take the armchair traveller to France, Italy and Turkey, looking at Roman aqueducts and amphitheatres.

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“Closer to home, Sarah explores lesser-known sides of London, including its art deco buildings and sculpture. She runs this glamorous style to earth in cinemas, theatres, hotels, and even underground stations, so we may start thinking about heading off to the capital and planning our own itineraries.”

On Thursday afternoons, Dr Richard Bemrose explores the superb art ‘Inside the Sistine Chapel’, including not only Michelangelo’s famous Last Judgement, but also works by Botticelli and Raphael.

Contact Kennaway House on 01395 515551.

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