Tasteful Titanic Sidbury fundraiser for cricket club

Titanic event at Sidbury aims to replace cricket club’s gangmower

SIDBURY village Cricket Club is preparing to start its season again, with frantic activity at the ground, mowing, tidying up and refurbishment of the pavilion, which was opened 25 years ago by Sir Patrick Moore.

With plenty of fixtures booked, the club needs to replace its ageing outfield gangmower, and to speedily raise cash, to top up a possible grant it has been offered, is organising a Titantic fund-raising event in the village hall on Saturday, April 28, from 7.30pm.

“This will be a Posh Do, with a Titanic-related quiz, music of the period and film clips from the 1958 film A Night to Remember,” said Liz Vonberg for the club.

Tickets are �20 per person, to include a sit down supper and glass of fizz. They are available from Drews butchers, Sidbury, or the Red Lion, Sidbury.

“We hope everyone will dress in Edwardian or appropriate costume, although this is not obligatory as black tie and posh frocks will suffice, and make it a night to remember,” said Liz, who said the area is linked to the disastrous maiden voyage as the oldest known survivor, Millvina Dean, was born in Branscombe.

If you would like to play cricket, help, do teas or coach youngsters, please contact the club’s new captain, Mark Stoyle, 01395 567127.

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Pictured are some of Sidbury’s young enthusiasts helping prepare the grounds.