Tattoo parlour application for Ottery shop


- Credit: Archant

Ottery may have inked in a tattoo parlour after the town council backed plans by a couple to open a new business in Silver Street.

Councillors said the application for the Old Fire Station, which used to be Celebration Cakes, would be a boost for the town’s economy.

A statement from the couple who want to open the parlour said: “It is out intention to launch a modern, hygienic, family-friendly tattoo and body piercing studio in Ottery.”

They said they were ‘well aware’ some people may have concerns, but added: “While there are still some nasty old back-street tattoo shops about they are quickly dying out and being replaced by modern, professional studios.

“Customers are very much aware of what a good tattoo studio should offer and are not prepared to accept some grotty old bloke putting a bad piece of art on them in an even more grotty shop.”

The couple have two primary school-age children and one at university, and said they will take the issue of under-age children getting body art very seriously.

In a supporting statement for their application for a change of use at the Silver Street premises, they said they will always ask for forms of identification, and the studio will nor have offensive or garish signs or play loud music.

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“We intend for our studio to be subtle, inviting and high quality,” the couple added.

“We just want somewhere we can practice what we do, safely, calmly, and with minimum fuss.”

At Monday’s town council planning meeting Deputy Mayor Ian Holmes said: “Its great to see a new business, there is clearly a need for it; it’s very popular and it’s using a building which is not being used.

“I hope you make a success of it.”

Councillor Paul Lewis said: “I have no problem with it I am more than happy to see it going ahead.”

The council agreed unanimously to support the application, and the final decision will be made by the district next month.

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