Technical issues delays opening of Ottery’s new Post Office

The new post office in Ottery suffered set backs in its first week.

The new post office in Ottery suffered set backs in its first week. - Credit: Sub

Delays in the opening of Ottery’s new post office sparked outrage this week after customers were unable to buy stamps or withdraw money due to technical issues.

The post office closed in Mill Street on Saturday afternoon and was due to reopen two days later in McColls in Yonder Street – but was unable to due to telecommunication problems.

A spokeswoman from Post Office Ltd apologised for the delay and said it was resolved late on Wednesday afternoon and the branch was now open.

She added: “We worked hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible as we understand and appreciate how much communities rely on our services.”

One resident, who did not wish to be named, voiced his frustration after being unable to buy a first-class stamp for his daughter’s birthday card on Tuesday.

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He said: “I was told by the two members of staff that, as they have no heating and no computer, they were therefore unable to sell me a first-class stamp, even though I could have given them the correct money.

“I was told that McColls or Sainsbury’s could sell me a book of stamps, but they could not.

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“They helpfully suggested I could find my way to West Hill where the post office is open. No thanks, I will deliver the card myself. What a way to run a business.”

Councillor Elli Pang said she has received a number of complaints, mainly from older residents, who had been advised to travel to a nearby post office.

She said: “There was no publicity when the change-over was to take place, so people still go to the Mill Street office.

“Finding it closed, people eventually arrive at McColls in Yonder Street only to find this also closed, albeit that the retail station, in the front of the shop, can sell stamps.

“Sadly, not even a notice in the front of the shop was set up to stop people going up right to the end of the premises only to find the positions closed.

“Of course, Ottery needs to be glad that there will be a post office and, sadly, this example of lack of proper organisation is most regrettable.”

Councillor Roger Giles slammed the delay and said it was ‘disgraceful’ there was no way to complain: “You could not get any money out, it was not in operation,” he said.

“It was nearly been a week – it’s absolutely disgusting.”

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