Teen bus discount scheme reaches Sidmouth and Ottery

TEENAGERS in Sidmouth and Ottery who use public transport will be boosted when a discount initiative is extended into the region later this month.

The Smartrider bus pass scheme will offer more benefits to post 16 students.

The Devon County Council (DCC) project is tailored to students entitled to assistance on their journey to and from college.

Teens will be able to use the pass to receive a number of benefits during off-peak times, including evenings, college days and weekends.

Stagecoach Southwest will offer a third off adult fares during off-peak times.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, DCC member for Highways and Transportation, said: “This scheme is a great example of partnership working with bus companies and these additional off-peak benefits are being provided at no additional cost.”

Delighted Councillor Christine Channon, DCC member for Schools and Skills, said: “It’s pleasing we are able to respond to the Youth Parliament’s concerns about improving access to public transport.”

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Entitled students who apply for a pass will be able to start using it as soon as they receive it during mid to late August.

For information visit www.devon.gov.uk/school_transport or call 0845 155 1019.