Teen house party warning to parents

‘While the cat’s away the mice have a party,’ warn police

YOUNG revellers are staging boozy teen parties while unwitting parents enjoy a holiday, police have warned.

Officers say complaints of noisy gatherings in Sidmouth residential areas are on the rise after a crack-down on under-age drinking in the town’s streets.

Sergeant Andy Turner this week warned parents: “While the cat’s away the mice have a party.

“It’s a nightmare for other residents living in the street.”

He added officers had discovered some parties where no-one present was over the age of 15, with no adults in sight.

“That is unacceptable,” said PS Turner. “It’s quite clear a number of house parties are taking place without the owners’ consent or knowledge,” he added.

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“This is becoming more of a problem in Sidmouth than we’ve had for a number of years.

“We’re not against young people enjoying themselves and having fun. I would recommend to parents that, if you’re going away, make it clear to children that if you do not wish them to have a party that they don’t- or ensure any young person has a sensible point of contact they can turn to should problems arise.

“Police in Sidmouth have been very affective in reducing under-age drinking in the streets.

“This in turn has seen youngsters drinking indoors. There are more and more incidents of noisy parties in premises and, when police arrive, no parents are present.

“This has opened up another series of issues like children and alcohol and the risk of injuries and them becoming victims of crime.

“Officers are often driven away from other priorities to deal with kids who’ve had a house party they can’t control.”

Police were called to a disorder in Holmdale, Sidmouth, at 12.17am on July 17, following reports of a fracas outside a property where a party was taking place. PS Turner said the fight was not believed to be related to the party indoors, but revellers had come outside to watch the incident unfold.