Garage raiders in Sidmouth fail in booze quest

Break-in at Londis shop at the petrol station on Woolbrook Road

Break-in at Londis shop at the petrol station on Woolbrook Road - Credit: Archant

The shop at Sidmouth’s petrol station was raided by teenagers on the hunt for booze, it’s believed.

But the thieves must have got a rude surprise. They stole non-alcoholic beer instead.

While the value of the stolen drink came to less than £20, repairing the door could run into thousands of pounds.

“It’s not worth claiming for it on the insurance,” said Chris Heslop, manager at the Londis store and Gulf petrol station on Woolbrook Road.

It’s believed a small gang of teenagers are responsible. The shop operates CCTV.

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“It must have been rather a shock for them to discover they’d taken non-alcoholic beer,” said Chris.

“I would have loved to have seen their faces when they discovered their mistake.

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“We’re hoping that when they are caught we will be able to recover the cost for the replacement from their parents,” he added.

Police are investigating the incident.

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