Temporary lights cause ‘complete mayhem’


- Credit: Archant

Traffic was thrown into chaos as temporary lights failed at Sidford Cross on Tuesday evening – and again on Wednesday morning.

The controls had been put at the junction for works to be carried out in School Street but when they stuck on red some drivers diced with danger to get across.

Gillian Webb, who lives just by the junction, said the lights had been working well until Tuesday afternoon – but motorists were brought to a halt when they failed.

“I was in the middle of complete mayhem,” she said.

“Drivers were bipping their hooters, and shouting at other drivers with frustration because they wouldn’t go across the lights. Other drivers were slowing down to tell others that all the lights were not working.

“This junction is very dangerous to try and cross with normal lights working; myself and my elderly dad tackle this mission on a daily basis.

“Surely there must be another solution to these dreadful lights before a very nasty accident happens.”

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County highways chief Stuart Hughes agreed that the estimated 12-minute cycle had frustrated motorists but said that the junction is normally safe.

He added that negotiating the junction had been like ‘playing a game of Russian roulette’ before the permanent lights were added for South West Water works.

Mr Hughes also said that it will need a pedestrian crossing if a proposed business park at Sidford goes ahead.