Tenants face ‘robust’ checks


Housing - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A more ‘robust’ approach to gas safety checks for tenants is being proposed by the district council – that will see its workers breaking down doors and filing for court injunctions.

The authority carries out 3,200 gas safety checks every year and wants to cut down on missed appointments.

Under the proposals, tenants will be told a week in advance when an engineer is due and, if they are refused entry, the council will apply for a court injunction to enable access.

And if the tenant is not at home at the appointed time, then the council will force entry, complete the gas safety check and service, and change the locks.

Councillor Pauline Stott said: “The majority of the tenants are happy to allow the service engineer access.

“Unfortunately, there are a few who won’t allow the service to take place or are not available on the agreed date.

“This more robust approach is designed to minimise the number of annual gas safety checks not completed in a 12-month period.

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“Crucially, this will also protect the tenants themselves, as well as other tenants and neighbours.”