Thanks for volunteers who get us walking

A special ‘Celebration Day’ is being held tomorrow at Escot for 32 of the volunteers in a successful walking fitness scheme.

Established more than a decade ago, ‘Walking for health’ is for those wanting to improve their health and fitness levels through walking.

More than 5,000 locals took part last year in their various walks, which suit different abilities and range from 40 to 90 minutes and cover different terrains.

There are currently five walks per week covering the East Devon area, with the number taking part continuing to grow, with some groups having up to 50 walkers.

So this Saturday the volunteers from the East Devon Walk This Way scheme are meeting at Escot for Leisure East Devon, the charitable trust who run lots of leisure facilities in the area, to say thank you for all their work

For more information on the ‘Walking for health’ scheme, please contact Andrew Dare 01404 814317.