They’re back! The Quiet Philanthropist returns


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The Quiet Philanthropist has returned to give charities in Sidmouth a boost for their cause and encourage other people to do the same.

The anonymous donator has given away thousands of pounds of their own money because they do not want to see it going to the Government.

“Anything over £650,000 the Government takes 40 per cent ,which is a very big slice. I do not want to give it to the Government - what am I going to do with it?” they said.

The self-titled sponsor is now on the lookout for new causes to donate to after previously donating to 1st Sid Vale Scouts and Sidmouth Voluntary Service - and will be giving away £1,000 a month to causes in the town.

“I am looking for new charities. If they are a worthy cause, I would like to give to them.”

The elderly resident said: “The remainder will be given to charity in my will or by giving it out in this way. It is a bit of fun, a bit of a novelty. What I would really like to do is encourage other people to do the same.

“If we have a fortunate life, we should be helping people that are less fortunate.

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“I would like to prick the conscience of other people. It makes a difference to charities everywhere.”

Find out in next week’s Herald who is next to receive the mystery donation.

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