This shop’s April Fools Day joke is a cracker!

April Fools window at Pure Indulgence. Ref shs 5091-14-15TI. Picture: Terry Ife

April Fools window at Pure Indulgence. Ref shs 5091-14-15TI. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Passers-by were appalled at an apparent smashed window at a town centre shop – but a closer look revealed it was a cracking April Fools Day trick!

Pure Indulgence prankster Sue Readman returned on fine form after fooling people into thinking the store would become a pole dancing club last year.

She spent three hours ‘breaking’ the glass on Wednesday morning with her partner, Panos Taliadoros, and even her boss was fooled.

“We’ve fooled absolutely everybody,” said Sue. “People have been tutting and saying it’s unbelievable in Sidmouth – it just looks so authentic.

“One lady walked past as we were doing it. She said ‘I think you’ve cracked it!’

“I’m sure we’ll do something again next year.”

She said the gag brought them more sympathy than the laughter the exotic dancing club produced.

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It took her and Panos more than three hours to sketch on the cracks in the window and cover it with cling film.

The look was completed with a brick and glass from a breakers’ yard before the area was cordoned off.

The joke proved so successful they decided to put up a sign to say it was an April Fool rather than tell everyone who looked on disapprovingly.

Owner Steven Kendall-Torry knew she was going in work early but was caught unawares.

He first heard about the prank when messages about the vandalism came in by text and email.

“It was a big surprise to me,” he said. “Even I fell for it!

“I completely forgot what day it was. Eventually it dawned on me.

“I think I’ll have to ban her out of the country next year!”