Open evening for the Tipton Players

tipton st john east dvon

Tipton St John community hall is the venue of the TIPPS open evening on May 21. - Credit: Google

The Tipton Players and Pantomime Society (TIPPS) are holding an open evening.

Starting on Saturday, May 21 at 7pm in the Tipton Community Hall, the event is being held to promote and demonstrate all the different roles involved in putting on a show to those who might be interested.

There will be a welcome glass of wine and an entertaining illustration of some of these roles from the society's lively junior section.

The event will be followed by wine and food and a chance to meet and chat with TIPPS members who have taken on some of the positions involved in the shows and how lasting friendships have been formed and what fun is to be had through these activities.

A spokesman for the event, Kyle Hayes said: "The Society has a thriving junior department, and they will be present to show some of the many skills they learn, all of which are so good for confidence building, training on team work and creating greater self-esteem.

"We look forward to seeing many existing members and anyone who likes the idea of a product but doesn’t necessarily want to get on stage and perform. There is just so much more to it."