‘Too fat to drive bus’ dad sheds 16-stone after job snub

Paul Palmer with the trousers he used to wear before he lost weight

Paul Palmer with the trousers he used to wear before he lost weight - Credit: Archant

Inspirational Paul sheds half his body weight - and lands new career helping others to slim

A MORBIDLY obese and unemployed dad shed an incredible 16-and-a-half stone after being told he was too fat to drive a bus – then landed a job inspiring others to slim down.

Comfort eater Paul Palmer piled on the pounds when he was made redundant and suffered repeated rejection at interviews due to his size.

The heartache spurred on Paul, who tipped the scales at a whopping 35stone 11lbs, to change his life and lose half his body weight – the equivalent of a bus passenger.

The 37-year-old says he owes the incredible turnaround to a Slimming World Group, and is set to help others follow in his footsteps by launching his own in Sidmouth.

“My weight affected me every day, I was finding it hard to get around and even breathe,” said Paul.

“The fact I could not do the normal things dads do with their kids made my depression even worse.”

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Paul had applied for 700 jobs and finally got an interview to be a bus driver, but was told he was too heavy for the driver’s seat.

He tipped the scales at 35st 11lbs at his first meeting, but managed to lose 12lbs in the first week.

With the help of consultant Katrina Barker and the rest of the group he lost a massive 16st 7lbs in a year, and he was given a new lease of life.

Paul said: “All my health issues have disappeared, my blood pressure is normal, my back problems are a thing of the past and I am finally able to enjoy life with my family.

“I still have a couple more stone to lose but I feel that will not be a problem with the amazing support from my consultant and fellow group members.”

The first meeting of Paul’s new group will take place at St John Hall in Blackmore Drive at 7.30pm on Thursday, June 13.

Paul says visitors will be made to feel like part of the family and won’t be judged in any way.