Total Wipeout for Sidmouth man in TV challenge

Runner Iain crashes after encounter with big red balls

IF you are a fan of BBC TV’s Total Wipeout programme, you will know all about the big red balls.

Sidmouth photographer Iain Burns got rather close to them when he was selected as one of the contestants to take part in a new series being filmed in Argentina to be broadcast in the New Year.

“I was rubbish,” said Iain on his return. “I was well capable of doing it. I can run for miles and am super-fit with Sidmouth Running Club, but if I exert energy quickly I have a problem. I would never have been a winner.”

Despite being knocked out in the first round, Iain enjoyed his encounter with the big red balls – “I somersaulted off them” – and the sac-a-punch.

“I did really well on that. I took a few punches,” said Iain, 51, who lives in Glen Road.

He was shortlisted from 20,000 applicants and says he trained hard for the challenge, although he became exhausted by being knocked into the water twice.

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“I bigged myself up and two minutes later fell flat on my face,” he said. “Hopefully they will show me looking a bit of a twit.”

Unable to go into detail about how others fared in the contest, Iain, called ‘Crash’ by fellow running club mates because his energy levels drain quickly, said he enjoyed meeting Amanda Byron (with whom he is pictured) and the chance to explore Buenos Aires in his Sidmouth running vest.