Can you help Jon track down his father's old Land Rover?

The Land Rover sold in 1989 which Jon is trying to trace

The Land Rover sold in 1989 which Jon is trying to trace - Credit: Jon Dakin

A property consultant from Shaftesbury is keen to track down an old Land Rover his father owned and sold in Sidmouth in 1989.
During lockdown, Jon Dakin, 55, wanted a project to work on and his father, a rural vet, used to own three Land Rovers for work and one of the first Range Rover models in 1970. The last of his Land Rovers is the one Jon is trying to trace as it was the first car he took his test in. 
Jon said: “My father sold it to an old school friend and I recently got in touch after about 35 years. When I asked about the Land Rover he said he sold it in 1989 to someone from the Sidmouth area, but that was all he could remember.”
Jon is hoping to buy back the vehicle and restore it if it hasn’t already been restored by the current owner.
“Land Rovers were always part of my childhood memories,” said Jon. “My father owned three in all when he was a rural vet. My parents took us on family holidays to Scotland and France in them, which must have taken ages at a maximum speed of 55mph and towing a caravan. 
“The last one my father owned and the one I'm trying to trace was the first car I drove when I lived at home in Devon and I took my test in Plymouth in it to the puzzlement of my driving instructor, who couldn't understand why I preferred the clunky Land Rover gearbox to his synchromesh Ford Fiesta one.
"When I took the test, seatbelts were only 'advisory', so when the examiner wanted to put them on I had to find them from behind the fold-down front seats. They weren't too clean and the instructor then told me he had only bought a new jacket the previous day. However, I still passed.”
If you recognise the Land Rover in the photo or remember purchasing it you can call Jon on 07767 686430 or email him at

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