Confidence grows for return of traditional high street

Angela Davis of Country Bloomers gift store

Angela Davis of Country Bloomers gift store - Credit: Vincent page

Having never managed to trade for a complete year without suffering the lockdowns endured by the rest of the country, opening up shop again presents quite an adventure for Angela Davis of Country Bloomers gift store.

Buying the store in 2019 saw her first foray into business ownership having previously worked as a childminder and prior to that as a London bus driver, which in itself is no mean feat. Regularly visiting Sidmouth and enjoying, as many do, the charm of the town and its stores, Angie and her family moved to Ottery St Mary four years ago before purchasing Country Bloomers as a going concern.

Just as Angela was getting her feet under the table and making the required changes to improve the business the Covid crisis hit and like so many around the UK stopped her before she had really got going. The pretty store in Fore Street has managed to survive the lockdowns of the last year by focusing on improving online sales with the help of local website management company Site Review UK and you will find their website more than helpful But like many others, Angela is now confident that the traditional high street will return to the more familiar sight of the hustle and bustle of enthusiastic customers making their way in and out of the stores.

As with many store owners, Angela has taken the opportunity presented over the last year to improve and revamp the store and visitors will see a fresh-faced Country Bloomers when they next venture inside.

As the population of the country ventures back to the High Street it seems pretty obvious that we have all missed the interaction of buying things face to face and an exciting time is due to be had by all those who partake in this rather glorious ritual. 
Angela told us earlier this week: “We are thrilled to have been able to reopen again on the April 12 and we are looking forward to a prosperous year”.

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