‘Traumatised’ donkey re-homed in Sidmouth

A nervous young mule who was traumatised after being abandoned in Kent earlier this year has been re-homed and set on the road to recovery by The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

The ten-month-old donkey-horse cross, named Sandy after his speckled colouring, was left alone for several weeks in winter after his horse companions were moved without him, it is thought.

The RSPCA picked him up after he was spotted running loose along a road with an injury to his nose.

He has since been homed with The Donkey Sanctuary.

Staff said although he arrived “fearful” and “nervous”, his health and confidence have improved.

“It is lovely to hear that he will tentatively edge up to the fence as people stop and talk to him,” said Mark Kerr, a regional welfare officer.

“We are sure that he will continue to grow in confidence as he comes to realise that he need not fear being abandoned ever again.”

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Sandy is one of an average of eight donkeys which the charity takes in every week in the UK and Ireland.