Twenty at Sidmouth Vote Yes Group launch

Voting reform group to hold information stall tomorrow in Sidmouth High Street

TWENTY people attended the launch of Sid Valley Vote Yes Group – formed to support the campaign to change the voting system for MPs in the national referendum on May 5.

Addressing last Tuesday’s meeting, Peter Thornton – ex-chairman of Thornton chocolate company – spoke of his long-term commitment to voting reform – a commitment going back to the time he served in the Forces during the Second World War.

He said he believed introducing the alternative vote (AV) system would be good for democracy.

“It might be possible to overcome some of the apathy that the electorate feels about politics if we all feel that our vote will count,” he said.

Mark Gold, the group’s spokesman, said he was “delighted that people of all party political persuasions came to our meeting, plus the undecided, who just wanted to learn more or ask questions.

“More importantly, several volunteers want to get more involved in helping the ‘Yes’ campaign in the coming weeks.”

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*An information stall will be held in Sidmouth High Street tomorrow morning (Saturday) April 2, to answer questions and explain the AV voting system to members of the public.