‘Unbeareable’ stink in Sidford is a ‘recurring problem’


- Credit: Archant

Complaints of ‘horrific’ sewage smells plaguing Sidford householders have prompted the water authority to launch an investigation.

Resident Susie Coles contacted the Herald to say people have had to endure an unpleasant odour from the nearby sewage works for about four weeks, which she says ‘becomes unbearable’ at night.

South West Water said it has not received any recent complaints, but has now dispatched a team member to investigate the site off Two Bridges Road following the report.

Sid Vale Close resident John McGregor agreed the smell from the sewage treatment plant is a reccurring problem and said complaints had been made that prompted the water board to look into the matter in the past.

He said: “I have found it is when there’s a lack of wind from any direction, and so the odour just sort of lies in the bottom of the valley.

“It is a problem that is reccurring every now and again.

“You would have thought something could be done about it.

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Sidford Cross resident David Barratt – a representative on the town and district council - said he has not received specific complaints from residents, but admits he has noticed the smell himself.

Sidford ward town councillor Ian McKenzie-Edwards agreed that although no-one in the village has come directly to him about the problem, it is something he is aware of.

But Matt Scratchley, of Two Bridges Road, said he lives very close to the sewage treatment works and says, while its odour is ‘not ideal’ when it is picked up on a northerly wind, it is ‘not that bad’.

“You certainly notice it on the cusp of the cool evening air, but never in the day,” he said. “I have noticed a smell that is a lot worse down at the Ham or walking past the works in Otterton.”

A South West Water spokesperson said: “We have not received any recent reports or complaints about odours in the area, but following this enquiry, one of our waste water team has been despatched to investigate.”