Undercover police uncovered in Sidmouth

CONCERNED residents called the police when they spotted suspicious behaviour in a leafy Sidmouth suburb – only to report a police officer carrying out an undercover patrol.

Eagle-eyed residents have been praised by Sergeant Andy Turner for paying attention and raising the alarm the moment they saw something out of the ordinary.

Members of the neighbourhood policing team have been carrying out patrols in plain clothes to prevent offences including burglary and theft. A householder in the Salcombe Hill Road area – historically targeted by burglars – called police when they spotted a stranger lurking in the street at around 10.20pm on Saturday, January 14.

“This was the type of call we welcome,” Sgt Turner told the Herald.

“The member of the public gave an excellent description of everything they saw – but it turned out the person they reported was a plain clothes police officer.

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“The caller did a brilliant job from my point of view – it shows people are paying attention to things that are unusual.

“Calling at the time of a suspected offence is vital.

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“Police officers have been conducting plain clothes patrols around Sidmouth over the last few weeks in an attempt to disrupt and detail various offences which include burglary and theft.”

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