Up-close royal wedding thrill for Sidmouth woman

Sarah Sparks from Woolbrook joins 500,000 in The Mall to see Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s balcony kiss

IT was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and Sarah Sparks, administrator at St Nicholas Junior School, Woolbrook, took it.

She travelled to London on Thursday and, with a friend, was among the estimated 500,000 in The Mall for Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding on Friday.

“I just thought it was the one and only time ever I would do it and it was an experience not to miss,” said Sarah. “The police did a fantastic job when they were going up The Mall and as they went past everyone cheered and clapped them.”

She thought she might be crushed in efforts to reach Buckingham Palace, but said Sarah: “There was no rushing, it was really well organised and I felt very safe. So many people managed to get near the front. I saw the kiss but there were so many people waving flags I didn’t get a picture.”

However she did take this scene of the Royal Family on the palace balcony.

“I thought Catherine looked beautiful and just thought the whole thing was so well done, they were a credit to the country.

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“It was so emotional with people singing to the hymns, it was just a fantastic atmosphere.”

Sarah said official programmes were just �2 so most bought them from the scouts and other organisations selling them.

“I’m very glad I went and I will keep the programme as a souvenir.”