Vandal hit Sidford playgroup’s shed boost

A VANDAL hit pre-school left without a proper place to store toys and equipment for a year has been given a helping hand by a Sidmouth councillor.

Sidford Playgroup leaders and youngsters this week celebrated landing a new storage hub at their village social hall home.

And county councillor Stuart Hughes got to officially open a shed for the first time after he boosted the project with a vital �400 from his locality budget.

Sidford Playgroup play leader Caroline Vansittart said: “This is going to boost our kids an awful lot. Our other shed was targeted by vandals and we lost it because it was so badly damaged. Since then we had to put everything in cupboards. It suffered as it was squashed in and hard to get to.

“We can now keep it safe and get to it a bit easier. We’re really grateful to Councillor Hughes.”

“It’s nice to be able to help play groups - I always try and do my best for them,” said Cllr Hughes.

“Equipment kept inside the hall was getting damaged and this shed will give them a safe place to store it.

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“It’s important we provide children with these facilities. You’ve got to invest in youngsters at the start of their education because they are our future.”