If you want something sorted then you better call Sal

Virtual PA business owner Sal Scott

Virtual PA business owner Sal Scott - Credit: Sal Scott

Combining all the attributes of a city PA with modern technology, Sally Scott is the Virtual assistant that can play a key role in any business.

Born in the locality, Sally sought the bright lights of the smoke and, keen to achieve her potential, she followed her dream and at 18 she moved to London. For the next 20 years she found herself more than equipped to deal with the pace of city life and working in a high octane corporate world she took on the challenges of various large companies as communications manager and PA to executive directors .

Much as she was valued, with 20 years experience under her neatly fastened belt the thrill of the bright lights was becoming overwhelmed by the irresistible draw to return to Sidmouth and a more relaxed pace of life, so she returned and settled in Tipton Saint John and two years ago formed a very unique service “Sorted by Sal”.

Drawing on all her experience, “Sorted by Sal “provides a bespoke assistant service to business people acting as a virtual PA, allowing them to concentrate on what they do best. Clearly her business is in demand as she has already built up a varied range of clients from first aid trainers to a local tree nursery. 
Forming any new business can be a challenge but with more and more women taking the plunge, Sally has become a popular addition to those who have done so and she thrives on the enjoyment gained from assisting them in achieving their goals and is very keen to support female entrepreneurs.

Her 20 years in London was not misspent and taking all the qualities learned over that period of time Sally now provides personal assistant support to those who need it. She takes care of all day-to-day rather mundane tasks that sadly take up so much of our time, dealing with email management, social media research subjects and virtually any other office-based task that you would rather not do, although she doesn’t make the tea!
For more information contact hello@sortedbysal.co.uk or visit www.sortedbysal.co.uk

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