Gentle optimism in the air is a shot in the arm for Sidmouth

Sidmouth town centre

Sidmouth town centre - Credit: Google

Vincent Page of Antiques on High writes for the Herald.

Vincent Page, of Antiques on High, celebrates one year in business. Picture: Antiques on High

Vincent Page, of Antiques on High, celebrates one year in business. Picture: Antiques on High - Credit: Archant

As the town heads from spring into summer, there is a gentle optimism in the air that business may get a bit of a boost, which will no doubt be a welcome shot in the arm, as if we haven’t had our fair share of that already.

With the price of fuel going through the roof, making it appear more of a luxury to be going any further than the trip to the shops, this has undoubtedly had an effect on those day trippers who would normally drive down for a glorious day out by the seaside as their spending power is reduced should they decide to venture to Sidmouth.

I am not sure how other businesses feel but from our perspective, when you had traditionally expected a Monday or Saturday to be a good day, at the moment you just cant tell, one Monday can be fantastic and the next can be far less thrilling but taking the rough with the smooth is what it’s all about, although the rule book for those predictably good or quiet days seems to have been thrown into the sea as every day turns up something new.

After a quick call to the agents advertising in the window of the former Flutterbys store in Fore Street, they confirm it has apparently already been taken and rumours circulate as to who it maybe, but it’s encouraging to see that another empty shop should be occupied by the summer.

One of the worse decisions you can make is to go into business underfunded as it is so very easy to spend the next few years chasing your tail financially and unless turnover hits the predicted level, this can leave many businesses and their owners suffering for some considerable time.

It is always the way that in the process of setting things up there are additional expenses that weren’t accounted for and these expenses can leave a damaging effect on the business before you have really got going, but with encouraging signs around the town as well as the country in general, it may end up being a very happy Christmas.