Vision Group Jeremy passionate about Sidmouth’s future

Jeremy Woodward, resigns as secretary of the Vision Group for Sidmouth after five years

THERE is no doubt that Jeremy Woodward is passionate about the future of Sidmouth.

Having only lived in the town for eight years, Jeremy, “a youthful” 48, “I do aikedo”, has spent five of these as secretary of the Vision Group for Sidmouth.

On Wednesday he relinquished the role; but not his interest in the aims of the group, at its annual meeting, hopefully to enjoy pursuing other interests “including chasing butterflies, there has been a serious decline this summer,” doing more woodwork and becoming more self-reliant.

“I need to learn how to mend my bike and properly tend my vegetable patch better, to have more self-sufficient skills.”

Teaching English to foreign students at Sidmouth International School for seven years, Jeremy has been a teacher for more than 20 years and is married to Juliette, a translator of French, and they have a large German Shepherd called Tamar.

“I have lived in France, Germany and Switzerland but Devon is a lovely part of the world and I want to get to know it more and enjoy what East Devon has to offer,” he said.

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The personification of what the Vision Group stands for, Jeremy is a keen walker and cyclist, and foresees the need to be more self-sufficient “when 20 years into the future, when petrol prices are 10 times what they are, we are going to have to be more self-reliant.” His note-taking landed him the job of secretary at the group’s inaugural meeting. “It has been extremely interesting working with so many talented people. It is better to work with people rather than complaining about the system.”