Vital flood prevention plans get thumbs up

Ottery Town Council are fully behind plans to protect properties in the town which were damaged by floods in 2008.

The Environment Agency has unveiled plans for a relief channel to divert the Thorne Farm stream away from nearby properties.

And at Monday’s council planning meeting the committee said they supported the application fully, which is hoped to reduce the risk of flooding from an annual probability of one in 10, to less than one in 500.

The new channel, which will be cut through the grounds of a private property in Thorne Farm Way, would mean when waters rose in the stream above a certain level, they would be diverted away from houses across a River Otter flood plain.

Three years ago around 60 properties and industrial units at the Finnimore Estate were flooded by water from Thorne Farm stream, something this plan hopes to prevent in the future.

East Devon District Council will make the final decision whether to approved the works.