Vote of confidence for Sidbury Christmas tree grower

Diana Huyshe of Sand with Dan Driver, CEO of Grown in Britain. Picture: Sand

Diana Huyshe of Sand with Dan Driver, CEO of Grown in Britain. Picture: Sand - Credit: Archant

A Sidbury Christmas tree grower has had a visit from the chief executive of the organisation that certifies sustainable forests and timber production.

But Dougal Driver of Grown in Britain was not there to check up on the business.

He went to choose his own Christmas tree from the forest at historic Sand House, while on his way to a charity tree planting event near Dartmoor.

He said: "Home grown trees are vital. Imported trees allow pests to hitch a ride, protected by the netting."

Diana Huyshe, the owner of Sand, said there has been increasing demand for their trees as people become more environmentally aware.

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She said: "Real trees are much better for the environment by avoiding the plastic used in a fake one.

"Also I think people recognise the benefits of buying locally grown trees rather than one that has been imported in terms of carbon footprint.

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A locally grown tree will always be fresher than an imported tree, as we operate on a pick-your-own basis.

"Ours are still in the ground and growing right up until you're ready to chop it down, or dig it up if you're feeling energetic, and take it home.

"We've sold 68 trees this year but we are hoping to build the business up in future so it helps support the maintenance of the historic structure of the house. We're even considering home grown bamboo canes for the gardeners in Spring!

"We do have a problem with deer, but rich wildlife creates a more interesting area which people enjoy."

For more information visit the Sand Sidbury website

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