Walker hits Sidmouth in colossal coastal challenge

Christian Nock, 38, who is currently attempting to walk the entire coast of Great Britain while slee

Christian Nock, 38, who is currently attempting to walk the entire coast of Great Britain while sleeping rough to raise money for Help4Heroes, passed through Sidmouth last Thursday. - Credit: Archant

A man who is walking the entire length of the British coast while sleeping rough said his adventure has ‘rekindled his faith in humanity’.

Christian Nock, 38, spent his 178th night on the road in the doorway of a charity shop in Sidmouth, when he stopped off in the town along his 6,825 mile journey.

The former soldier is attempting to be the first man to walk the entirety of the country’s coastline non-stop, by himself, without using ferries, and sleeping rough every night of the trip, which he doesn’t expect to finish for another year.

He has already raised £7,000 for Help4Heroes, and is also trying to raise awareness of the problem of ex-servicemen who end up homeless.

Christian said it has already changed his life, but admits he has ‘no idea’ what he will do once he finally gets back to Blackpool, where he started the journey last August.

He spent eight years in the Staffordshire Regiment, before running a hotel in Blackpool, but he said the experience left him ‘without any faith in people’.

After selling the business at a loss, followed by all his possessions, he was left with jus his backpack, and the desire ‘to do something crazy’.

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He hit upon the idea of walking the length of the British coast, and has so far covered more than 1,800 miles, sleeping in barns and sheds, was buffeted by 20 foot waves at Pendyne Sands, and even spent the night in a cave with a seal in North Wales.

But he said the generosity of people along the way has amazed him, with offers of food, a bed and even marriage.

Last Thursday he arrived in Sidmouth and was treated to dinner by the sister-in-law of someone he met along his journey in Wales, who had said Christian would be coming through the town.

He was offered a place to stay but he has always stayed true to his aim of sleeping rough, and spent the night in the doorway of the Devon Air Ambulance shop.

After being bought breakfast at Duke’s he set off on the next leg of his mammoth journey, through muddy fields and over hills to Seaton.

He is updating people on his progress through his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/christian.britain.3, and is collecting donations for Help for Heroes online at www.bmycharity.com/ChristianNock.

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