Warm up to Folk Week begins

THE build up to Sidmouth Folk Week begins on Thursday.

John Shuttleworth, star of BBC Radio 4 and BBC TV’s 500 Bus Stops, will bring his comic songs and deadpan wisdom to the Ham Concert Marquee.

John is the creation of Graham Fellows. He has achieved a devout following with such songs as Pigeons in Flight, I Can’t Go Back to Savoury Now and Eggs and Gammon.

Accompanying himself on his legendary (and hilariously temperamental) Yamaha keyboard, John hopes to be joined by his elusive wife Mary and his equally enigmatic manager, entertainment impresario Ken Worthington.

On Friday at 2pm, The Temperance Seven will fill the Ham Marquee with their syncopated jazz rhythms.

The group has achieved international fame with songs such as Home In Pasadena and You, You’re Driving Me Crazy. This is an afternoon of good-time jazz as it used to be.

Tickets for both concerts are available from Sidmouth Tourist Information Centre in Ham Lane, on 01395 578627, or at www.sidmouthfolkweek.co.uk until Sunday.

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Discounts are available until Sunday. After that, tickets can be bought from the festival box office on (01395) 577952.

These events are separate from the festival, and are not included in the Folk Week season tickets.