‘We’re not NIMBYs’, say East Devon Alliance members

East Devon Alliance

East Devon Alliance - Credit: Archant

Around 100 people rallied to the East Devon Alliance’s (EDA) first members’ meeting at the district council’s Knowle HQ in Sidmouth.

Last week, EDA announced it had registered with the Electoral Commission so it could support independent candidates in May’s local elections.

On Saturday, supporters loudly applauded when chairman Paul Arnott lambasted the council leadership as ‘a small cabinet of councillors who exclude opposition voices’.

He also accused them of rejecting people’s opinions ‘out of hand’ and added that the group felt independent councillors had been ‘bullied’ at council meetings.

“We are not NIMBYs,” said Mr Arnott.

“Many people in East Devon need affordable housing.

“But we must try to halt the lunacy of current planning rules which is allowing massive over-development on inappropriate sites.”

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EDA leader Councillor Ben Ingham was optimistic of its electoral prospects with candidates of all ages and backgrounds intending to stand. He said: “With will and determination, it is perfectly realistic to hope that we can break the stranglehold of one-party domination.”