Wedding dress record breaker’s cash for kids

A TEACHER who zoomed into the record books by running a marathon in a wedding dress will see the money she raised boost children in Africa.

Mum-of-three Naomi Garrick, of Frys Lane in Sidmouth, netted �1,358 that will buy tables and chairs for an under-construction school in the village of Buturi.

Naomi, 43, collected the cash and landed a place in the Guinness Book of World Records when she became the fastest person on the planet to run the London Marathon in bridal gear.

She said: “It’s brilliant, I hope I’ve inspired children to be active. I wanted to be a good role model for them.”

The money will go to the Buturi/Makongoro Project that is working to aid a community in Tanzania.

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Founder Judith Smith, who owns Saana House in High Street, gratefully received a cheque from Naomi on Monday.

She said: “She’s a wonderful woman, very brave, and a good role model - not just for children but us adults as well. It shows with a bit of determination, you can achieve a lot.

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“It’s a huge contribution to Buturi and one thing on our list we now don’t have to worry about.”

A chunk of the total was raised by children at St Martin’s Primary School in Cranbrook, where Naomi teaches, which was under construction itself at the same time as the one in Africa.

Youngsters at Sidmouth Primary School also contributed to the Buturi fund.

Naomi, who completed the marathon in three hours and 41 minutes and took on other runners in wedding dresses, says her record-breaking antics aren’t over. She has her sights on being the fastest person to run a marathon with a puppy alongside her pet dog Sydney.

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