West Hill home set for approval

Plans for a controversial new home in West Hill are set to be rubberstamped despite objection from neighbours and councillors.

An application to build a two-storey property on the land adjacent to White Lodge in West Hill Road has been recommended for approval by district council planners.

The site has been the subject of several previous unsuccessful applications, one of which contained plans for a six metre-high tower.

But permission for a bungalow was granted in 2009 and renewed again last year, however the applicant now wants to build a first-floor master bedroom in the house.

Planning officers at East Devon District Council (EDDC) say the latest design does justify approval, as it is ‘set out in such a way that it would not result in a loss of privacy or otherwise harm the amenity of the occupiers of adjoining properties’.

But they do recommend a number of conditions to ensure future alterations protect nearby homes, the owners of which are against the application.

And Ottery Town Council did not support the new plans when they came in front of its planning committee last November, calling it ‘overbearing and obtrusive’, and ‘out of keeping with the surroundings’, however its architect said it would ‘nestle into the site’.

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A decision will be taken by EDDC’s development management committee on Tuesday, January 8, at 2pm in the council chamber at Knowle.