Whoops! Sidmouth granddad watches world’s biggest jigsaw crumble

Disaster struck as John polished off planet’s largest puzzle

A JIGSAW ace was left in pieces when the world’s biggest puzzle fell apart moments before he was set to finish it.

Disaster struck for John Dyson when a third of a mammoth 32,000 segment challenge - he’d spent months painstakingly putting together - ended up in a heap on the floor.

The granddad-of-seven watched in horror as a total of 340 hours of work crumbled to the ground.

“I just heard this rumble behind me,” said John, 70, who was attempting to prop-up and complete the jigsaw in Kennaway House to prove to manufacturer Ravensburger he’d finished it.

“Once it started I couldn’t stop it - everything came down,” said John.

“I was just fitting the last sections on the top. I’m fairly cool in a crisis and was able to rescue quite a bit. It was unfortunate, but I was too pig-headed to let it get to me. Around 11,000 pieces ended up on the floor and 15 of the 32 different pictures its made up of were affected, some badly, some I had to start from scratch.”

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John, of Manor Road, had to spend another 50 hours picking up the pieces of the accident.