'Why is drain over footpath'?

PUBLISHED: 06:30 28 May 2016

Peter Judd said Susan's hair and clothes were ruined

Peter Judd said Susan's hair and clothes were ruined


Environmental health officers are investigating after a 'torrent of filthy water' rained down on a couple from an historic house on Sidmouth seafront.

The drainage outlet that rained down a 'torrent of filthy water'The drainage outlet that rained down a 'torrent of filthy water'

Peter and Susan Judd were walking along the Millennium Walkway – built in 1999 – when they were ‘assaulted’ by liquid from a drainage outlet of one of the above properties.

Mrs Judd’s clothing could be cleaned but her husband said this type of incident could happen at any time and could hospitalise a baby in a pram.

The houses above the walkway date back to the 1800s.

“For some unknown reason, these houses are allowed to have high-level drainage outlets, which discharge on to the public footpath,” said Mr Judd.

“As a consequence, when we walked along this public right of way, we were suddenly assaulted by a torrent of filthy water, most of which landed on my wife’s head. There were no signs or any form of warning.

“As the water was far from clean, contained a lot of debris and smelt foul, there is a clear health risk associated with this assault, as well as the shock and inconvenience.

“This sort of incident can happen at any time, soaking locals and tourists alike.

“I dread to think what might have happened if a mother pushing a pram containing a young baby was soaked by such filthy water. The baby would most certainly have had to go to accident and emergency for a check up or tetanus jab.”

An East Devon District Council spokesman said: “This incident has been reported to our environmental health team who are now working with our engineers and the customer concerned to investigate the cause of this drainage issue.”

The owner of the property that Mr and Mrs Judd believe was responsible was approached by the Herald but did not wish to comment.

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