Wife pays tribute to much loved Sidmouth man

Royston Randall, the 11th King of Chit, who died at the age of 71

Royston Randall, the 11th King of Chit, who died at the age of 71 - Credit: Archant

Carole Randall has remembered her husband Royston, a much loved and respected man in Sidmouth, who died at the age of 71.

“Royston and I began our adventure to find somewhere in the South West to live following redundancy.

“One day whilst staying in a log cabin in charming Charmouth, we drove over the hill to visit Sidmouth and immediately fell in love with it.

“We soon settled in a lovely flat above Tappers/Bath Travel in High Street where we spent many a happy year.

“I was nursing in Guernsey and to relieve his boredom Royston worked part time in the Halifax, located in Redferns, and thereafter at the Swan Inn where he had many happy memories.

“Royston was truly honored in 2009 when he became the 11th King of Chit – a Swan Inn tradition that Richard Eley reinstated.

“Some memorable duties included the opening of M & Co, turning on the Christmas lights and various charity events.

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“Six years ago, we started our little business, ‘Caring About Sidmouth’.

“It has been a long haul, but with the help of daughter Samantha and her paperwork skills and our excellent team we have received all of our ‘ticks’ from the Care Quality Commission and an excellent review.

“Royston was very proud of this. Samantha returned from Crete, with her partner and little Scarlet two years ago, and got to spend quality time with Dad after being away for ten years.

“All the family, our staff and friends have supported greatly during this difficult time.

“Royston said a couple of weeks ago, ‘Babes, I don’t want this love affair to end’.

“In my thoughts, it was not just meant for me, but to all who knew and loved him and to Sidmouth itself, which he often said (although he had lived in wonderful places) he loved sunny Sidmouth more than any other.

“We shall miss this kind, eccentric, loud character, a husband, father, grandfather and a good friend – and the yellow shorts strolling along the front!”

Royston Stanley Norman Randall OB EX KOC died on July 30.