Wildflower meadow planted in The Byes, Sidmouth, to provide ‘a rainbow display’

Rotavating the wildflower meadow. Picture: Friends of The Byes

Rotavating the wildflower meadow. Picture: Friends of The Byes - Credit: Archant

Wildflower seeds have been planted in The Byes in Sidmouth, to create a colourful display and attract bees, butterflies and other insects.

A new bench at The Byes. Picture: Friends of The Byes

A new bench at The Byes. Picture: Friends of The Byes - Credit: Archant

A team from Friends of The Byes have continued to look after the riverside park throughout the coronavirus lockdown, while making sure they keep to the rules on social distancing.

All group activities had to stop in March, in keeping with the government guidelines, but members have made individual visits or worked at least two metres apart.

The Community Orchard has been cut regularly, the bees have been tended, and the newly-planted specimen trees kept watered during the very dry month of April.

Using a rotavator on loan from Bradfords of Sidmouth, they prepared the ground in part of Sid Meadow and sowed the wildflower seeds.

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Monica Matthews from Friends of The Byes said: “We thought the sight of the wildflower meadow in a few weeks will give a boost to people, and it is also our way of saying thank you to the NHS, as the flowers will be really colourful and may give the illusion of a rainbow.”

“This year’s mix will have some scented flowers plus some night-flowering annuals to attract night-flying pollinators such as moths.”

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Blue heart-shaped signs have been placed around the meadow to show where some of the flowers have been planted among the grass; these include valerian, vetches, milkwort, toadflax and teasels.

More information about the flowers can be found on a nearby notice board.

Ms Matthews said: “We would like to thank Sidmouth Town Council for the grant money which provided the seeds, and EDDC Streetscene for their help and cooperation.

“And a big thank you to Nick and the tool-hire team at Bradfords of Sidmouth for their generous loan of the rotavator.

“We hope the wildflowers will again bring a lot of pleasure to local residents, as well as the orchard and the many newly planted trees.

“Do go out and enjoy the Byes, but please do it safely.”

Visit the Friends of the Byes Facebook page for more information. For sponsorship of memorial/celebratory trees contact fotbyes@gmail.com

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