Women over 50 encouraged to go for cancer screening

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Women aged over 50 should not delay in going for a cancer screening, say health bosses.

Women aged over 50 should not delay in going for a cancer screening, say health bosses.

It comes after research revealed one in three women waited or did not attend the test putting it off for an average of 26 months, with one in ten waiting more than five years.

Everyday in the UK, three women loose their lives to cervical cancer while nine women are diagnosed with it.

But, thanks to the tests the cancer is largely preventable.

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NHS England is supporting Cervical Screening Awareness Week, which is running from today (Monday) until Sunday (June 19).

The event aims to raise awareness of the importance of cervical screening and its role in preventing cancer, as well as encouraging women to go for their screening test when invited.

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The research undertaken by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust and Gransnet revealed one in three women over 50 did not think a smear test was part of the healthy upkeep of a woman’s body and almost one in four did not think screening was important to have regularly.

Nigel Acheson, NHS England South Region Medical Director and lead for cancer, said: “It is really important for women of all ages to understand the importance of attending cervical screening as it can detect pre-cancer abnormalities, which, if left untreated, may develop into cancer. Screening is for people without symptoms as a preventative measure.”

Mr Acheson, who is a consultant gynaecological oncologist, said the test was relatively simple, took about five minutes and was performed by the practice nurse at a GP Surgery.

Visit england.southcomms@nhs.net for more information.

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