Young eco-warriors send message to thank NHS in right way

Alfie and Rosa. Picture:Laura Southcott

Alfie and Rosa. Picture:Laura Southcott - Credit: Archant

A pair of young eco-warriors have written a letter to encourage people to appreciate the NHS in the right way.

Alfie and Rosa, both in year six at Sidmouth Primary School, are asking people to be environmentally friendly by not setting off lanterns as a sign of gratitude to the NHS.

The pair wrote the following letter for readers:

“We are writing to you because we think that one of the ways people are thanking our fabulous NHS (who along with everyone else we are extremely grateful for) is not such a great thing for our planet.

“This way is lighting the well-known, Chinese lanterns which can be very harmful to animals and cause them severe damage.

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“Therefore, we would appreciate it if you put an article on environmentally friendly ways to say thank you without the Chinese lanterns in your fabulous newspaper.

“Here is a poem with an eco-example of NHS thanks:

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“Naughty Covid got in our way but the NHS are here to save the day,

“Help is what they give us along with other key workers,

“So let’s do what these people say, stay home and clap for them every Thursday.

“We hope this inspires people.

“From Alfie and Rosa in year six.”

The youngsters wrote the letter as part of their homeschooling work.

Early this year, the pair also featured in the paper when they when joined forces with fellow pupil Cordelia to organise a non-uniform day at school to raise money for the Australian bushfires.

All students were asked to wear the Australian colours of yellow/gold and green, to show support for the cause.

Alfie, who is a part of his school’s Eco Warriors club, has also appeared in the Herald after challenging the Sidmouth community to go a week using as little single-use plastic as possible in 2019.

Let us know what your children are up to during the lockdown.

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