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Sidmouth Running Club beginners course success

The Sidmouth Running Club beginners course with their certificates.
The Sidmouth Running Club beginners course with their certificates.

Sunday, February 25, 2018
8:36 AM

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“We are delighted with the progress the Beginners Group has made so far,” said Helen Palmer, run leader, as she presented certificates.

Helen added: “This is the first group to have got up to three miles, and we have many more coming through incredibly well.”

The Beginners group have built up their distance since the New Year through a combination of running and walking, and most have run with the club on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Brother and sister duo Richard King and Samantha Dicks both received their certificates and were delighted with the achievement.

Sam said: “It’s a lot more fun than I expected, even though I have to run with Richard!”

Clare Partridge has been pleased with the friendly atmosphere at the club.

She says: “The hardest part of the course has been coming along on dark cold evenings, but it is never cold once you start running, and it’s great to have a chat as you go.”

Sue Jones and Nick Jennings also received their certificates as did Jodie Pile who has found the course hard work, but has loved it.

Jodie says: Tony, David and the team have given so much support and encouragement.

“Without them I would still be running between lamp posts.

“As it is I enjoy having a laugh with the others about the tempting pubs and takeaways as we pass, and must say if I can do it anyone can.

“Everyone at the club is a true inspiration.”

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