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SRC quartet take part in the Greenbow Exmouth Land and Sea Race.

Running at sunset
Running at sunset

Friday, May 24, 2019
7:26 AM

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It takes the runners along the seafront to the beach, where there is a choice of soft sand with a slightly shorter route or firmer sand making it easier to run on, but slightly further.

Then there is a short burst along Queens Drive and then back the same way, with the same choices to make.

With fine and warm weather, four SRC members turned out to compete in this event. Terry Bewes, Kat Hall and Suzi Rockey chose to take the longer but firmer route with Antony Hall opting for the shorter.

Antony regretted this choice fairly quickly, as the soft sand was much harder to run through! However, Antony held a very good position all the way through retaining fifth place on the turn-around-point on Queens Drive.

It goes without saying that he chose the firmer but longer route back to the finish.

He picked off two more runners to finish in third place in a time of 21:07.

Kat Hall finished 40th in 30:04; Suzie Rockey was 44th in 30:41 and Terry Bewes came home a very respectable 49th in 31:33.

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