Members of Sidmouth Running Club have battled through the changing weather conditions to embrace the full range of fitness tests, including a landmark Parkrun, a charity swim and a marathon debut.

On Saturday, run leader at Sidmouth Running Club Derek Blackburn was in York to complete the A-Z of Parkruns; there is no X in case you were wondering!

The Mighty Green recently completed his 100th Parkrun and we look forward to seeing which of the many Parkrun challenges he takes on next.

Sidmouth Herald: Park runs

A true Mighty Green, Kathy Jordan was not going to let the flooding in Sidbury stop her from taking part in this year’s Sidmouth Community Swimathon, even though her wellies were at work!

In huge, borrowed wellies, Kathy walked and waded half a mile to reach team captain Alexa Baker in Sidford and made it just in time for the team photo - phew!

The Mighty Green Swimming Machine (Naomi Garrick, Charlie Fawell, Chris McCormack, Kay and Neville Hylton, Kathy, Alexa) swam 94 lengths in a variety of styles before heading to the pub for sustenance, an understandable response to a long hard swim.

On Sunday, three Mighty Greens headed up to Tiverton to take part in Winding Path’s Grand Canal Canter. Taking part in the marathon option, Clare Luke and Donna Womersley-Westlake had an 8.10am start and were able to forewarn Nikita Kay who hadn’t left Sidmouth, as she had a 10.45am start time to bring plenty of layers because it was chilly.

Sidmouth Herald: Grand Canal Canter

The out and back route along the flat, picturesque Grand Western Canal meant that the Mighty Greens could cheer each other on as they passed each other, 1 lap for the half and two for the marathon.

Nikita found the first six miles hard going and it wasn’t until the rain started that she found her rhythm and had a boost from supporting family and friends at the halfway point.

This was MG Nikita’s first half marathon and her early morning training runs paid off as she finished in 2:17:24, 48th in a field of 69-a PB! Clare was struggling with the flat course but despite this, with Donna, finished in 6:28:55, a new PB for them and just inside the cut-off time.